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【RECAP】New Grads Series #2: Working Overseas

Fireside Wednesday

Personal Branding

August 19 (Wed) | 1:00pm – 1:45pm


  • Kwok Yiu-tung 郭耀東 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2002), Former CFO of Baroque Japan Limited
  • Simon Sum 岑紹文 (BSc 2002; MPhil 2004), Director of North America Scientific Affairs, Herbalife Nutrition

Host: Tomomi Takahashi 高橋慧美 (BSocSc(Govt&Laws) & LLB 2020)


A lively second episode of the Fireside Wednesday for New Grads on Working Overseas featured Simon Sum (BSc 2002; MPhil 2004), Director of North America Scientific Affairs Herbalife Nutrition, and Kwok Yiu-Tung (BBA (Acc&Fin) 2002), Former CFO of Baroque Japan Limited.

The two alumni discussed their first-hand experience in working abroad in the US and Japan. The energetic dialogue ranged from how they started their first overseas job to challenges such as cultural differences they encountered, and even on how they had a competitive edge as an HKU graduate for HKU’s established brand and positive recognition. The session also facilitated questions about working holidays or accepting job offers from overseas start-ups, which both speakers agreed will be a valuable experience to treasure.

To wrap up, Tung and Simon gave valuable tips to HKU students and fresh graduates.

Tung emphasised on:
1. trying different part-time jobs during studies to gain various experience, and
2. staying positive and maintain a sense of humour.

Simon shared the acronym R A P:
R: Research,
A: Ask questions,
P: Plan and Stay Positive.

Thank you all for joining this session and engaging in the fruitful discussion!

Fireside Wed for New Grads

This 2nd Series (of 5 episodes) is dedicated to our young graduates and students.
Online closed group chat for intimate discussions on career paths, passion and opportunities.

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