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圖解全面清潔衣物、日常用品的正確方式 FAQs on the proper methods of maintaining the hygiene of personal everyday items


Apart from droplets transmission, the new coronavirus can infect us through the conjunctiva in our eyes as well. As means of protection, we recommend putting on glasses to protect your eyes, as well as cleaning your belongings frequently to minimise the chances of getting infected. Professor Ivan Hung, Clinical Professor & Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases of HKUMed, is here today to introduce to everyone proper methods of maintaining the hygiene of personal everyday items.

問題1: 如何清潔眼鏡?


Q1: How should you clean your glasses?

A: Clean your glasses while washing your hands. Rub your hands with soap to create foam, and wash your glasses with it. Rinse the glasses with water afterwards.

問題2 : 如何清潔手機?


Q2: How should you clean your phone?

A: Spray hand sanitiser on a piece of tissue or cleaning cloth and clean the surface of the phone, the case and also the screen protector. Wipe the phone dry with a piece of tissue or cloth.

問題3: 其他物品如衣物、外套、手袋、鞋需要消毒嗎?

◾ 外套:可以加清水的濕布簡單清潔;或將一塊濕布放在外套上,再用熨斗熨一熨,以高溫殺菌;亦可曬太陽殺菌。
◾衣物:若沒有長時間暴露於多菌空氣(如診所、醫院、幼稚園等) 的內搭衣服、沾染到細菌病毒的機會不大。建議每日清洗。

Q3: Should we sanitise other clothing items, such as clothes, jackets, handbag and shoes?

◾Jacket: Wipe with wet cloth/ Put a piece of wet cloth on the jacket and iron it with high temperature/ Dry it under the sun.
◾Clothes: If the base or inner layers of clothing under your outerwear are not exposed to environments with an abundance of germs (i.e. clinics, hospitals or kindergartens), the chances of contamination are quite low. Doing laundry daily is recommended.
◾Handbag: Clean it with a piece of wet cloth.
◾Shoes: Take off your shoes before stepping into your home, and spray rubbing alcohol on the sole/ Wash the sole with soap and water/ Place a towel soaked with 1:99 diluted bleach at the entrance and step on it to sanitise your shoes.

Source: 港大醫學院 HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine Facebook

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