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HKU engineering students invents reusable nanofibrous face masks


Photo by HKU

A team of undergraduate students at HKU has developed reusable face masks with novel air filters that can help reduce environmental pollution during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With a nanofibrous structure prepared by electrospinning, the filters have higher particle removal efficiency compared to  filter materials used for face masks in the market. Moreover, the filters can be used repeatedly after simple rinsing and drying.

Graphic by HKU

The team is led by undergraduates Junwei Zhang and Yan Tung Lo guided by Professor Chuyang Tang and Dr Hao Guo at HKU’s Department of Civil Engineering.

The work has won several awards including a Gold Medal at the 5th International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada. The team has filed for a US Provisional Patent and is seeking collaboration with industrial partners to commercialise the technology.

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