[Open for enrolment] HKU MOOC: Epidemics III

Despite all the remarkable technological breakthroughs that we have made over the past few decades, the threat from infectious diseases has significantly accelerated. In this course, we will learn why this is the case by looking at the fundamental scientific principles underlying epidemics and the public health actions behind their prevention and control in the 21st century.

The course starts at  5 August 2020.

This is the third (control of infectious diseases) of the four courses, covers these topics:

  • Disease Surveillance
  • Non-pharmaceutical intervention (NPI)
  • Vaccination (Effectiveness, Trials, Safety, Impact on Populations, Vaccine Economics, Confidence and Hesitancy)
  • Panel Discussion on WHO’s Response to the Ebola Outbreak; and Anti-vaccination

It also covers supplementary material on Covid-19.

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For past courses, please visit Epidemics I and Epidemics II.

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