Podcast COVID19 with HKU | EP8: Coronavirus cases are dropping – should HK reopen the economy?

COVID19 with HKU: Ten episodes walk you through the leading research coming out of HKU to fight COVID19.

Economist Dr. Heiwai Tang from HKU discusses the Hong Kong stimulus package and whether the government should start reopening the economy now that new cases are dropping.

Hong Kong’s economy is contracting for the first time since the 2009 financial crisis.  We talk to economist Dr. Heiwai Tang from HKU about how the Hong Kong government can support small  businesses and low income citizens during COVID19… and is it time for Hong Kong to start reopening the economy now that new cases are dropping?


Professor Heiwai Tang, Faculty of Business and Economics, The University of Hong Kong

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    • Producer and Host: Marcy Trent Long
    • Associate producer:  Crystal Wu
    • Contributing Editor: Bonnie Au
    • Intro/outro music: Alex Mauboussin
    • Music from free music archive
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