Podcast COVID19 with HKU | EP1: Epidemics 101 with Thomas Abraham

Ten episodes walk you through the leading research coming out of HKU to fight COVID19.

The novel coronavirus COVID19 pandemic has hit the world like a bombshell. But it’s not the first coronavirus to hit Asia. In 2003, the SARS coronavirus brought Hong Kong to a standstill, but medical and research centres like The University of Hong Kong (HKU) led the efforts to bring the deadly epidemic to an end.  

Thomas Abraham speaking at Hong Kong University
Thomas Abraham speaking at Hong Kong University. Photo: JMSC HKU

Now they are leading the charge to fight COVID19. Ten episodes walk you through the leading research coming out of HKU about this global pandemic.

In the 1st episode, we speak with infectious disease journalist and author Thomas Abraham who teaches at the University of Hong Kong.

Many of us are quarantined and frankly pretty nervous….But one of our best strategies to deal with this pandemic is to try to understand why COVID-19 happened..and maybe how we can prevent it in the future. 

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Further Listening and Reading

  • Twenty First Century Plague: the Story of SARS, by Thomas Abraham
  • Polio: The Odyssey of Eradication, by Thomas Abraham
  • History of Epidemics I & II MOOC Video and Online Registration

If you have some questions you’d like us to answer, record a voice memo and send it to us by email to fightCOVID-19withHKU@gmail.com.  Maybe your questions will be answered on one of our upcoming episodes. Stay safe, stay healthy. 

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