Tips on Sustainable Psychological Health

The recent events in Hong Kong have given rise to unprecedented challenges to general psychological wellbeing. Therefore, Professor Tatia Lee, Head of Department of Psychology, and her clinical psychology and educational psychology colleagues, have prepared five short videos, each of which contains useful insight and tips for protecting and promoting psychological wellbeing.

Revisit 5 episodes:

Episode 1: Returning to School

Speaker: Dr Kathy Shum

After nearly four months of school suspension, there are good prospects that schools can resume classes by phases starting from late May. Children may experience different levels of anxiety in face of this. This sharing will try to address some parents’ concerns regarding preparing their children for school resumption.

Episode 2: Sleep and Health

Speaker: Dr Shirley Li

Sleep problems are common complaints in our modern society. Meanwhile, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused much disruption to our daily life. Some of us may be particularly affected due to a series of unexpected changes and the stress, worry and anxiety associated with the pandemic, and have trouble sleeping during these unprecedented times. This sharing session will try to address people’s concerns about their sleep and discuss ways to get a good night’s sleep.

Episode 3: Envisioning Better Mental Health for Hong Kong after Covid-19

Speaker: Dr Christian Chan

It has been a turbulent year for Hong Kong. It is fair to suspect that most of us are feeling tired, frustrated, and perhaps even hopeless. Although few would immediately associate our city’s situation with disaster-stricken or war-torn regions, there is much we can learn from survivors of large-scale calamities; Recovery is possible, resilience can be built, and growth cultivated. The question is how. In this session, I seek to give my two-cents as a researcher and clinician interested in disaster mental health.

Episode 4: Psychological Trauma and Mental Health

Speaker: Dr Frendi Li

When facing an extremely stressful or hurtful event and our coping mechanism is overwhelmed, we may experience psychological trauma. The resulting emotional, physical, behavioural and cognitive reactions can range from being mild and short-lived to debilitating and chronic. In view of what the city has been through in the past year, I’d like to share with you some ideas on how to reduce the negative impact of trauma on our mental health.

Episode 5: Lifestyle Determinants of Mental and Physical Wellness

Speaker: Dr Wai Sze Chan

Lifestyle factors are key predictors of both mental and physical health. Several months of social distancing may have disrupted your lifestyle and negatively impacted your wellbeing. In this talk, I will share some tips on how to create new habits that promote better psychological and physical wellness.

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