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Fireside Wednesday EP10: What is Work?

[LIVE NOW – Fireside Wednesday]

[LIVE NOW – Fireside Wednesday]疫情衍生WFH,利多於弊?9Gag及Innopage兩間Startup,前者決定退租7000呎辦公室,全面Remote Work;後者就搬到更大面積office,裝置Party Room加強團隊精神。提高業務經濟效率?增加員工默契動力?未來返工等於甚麼?#新拍檔 #新資源 #新機會第十集 – 返工是甚麼?日期:6月3日 (星期三)時間:1:00pm Live @ HKU 100語言:廣東話 (Live in Cantonese, English synopsis for revisit)主持:陳伊娜 Yina – (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2015, LLM(IT&IPL) student)嘉賓•​李勁華 Keith (MSc(ECom&IComp) 2003) – Innopage 共同創辦人及CEO•​陳展程 Ray (LLB 2006) – 9GAG 共同創辦人及CEO-----• 陳伊娜 Yina – (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2015, LLM(IT&IPL) student)Yina在Saltagen Ventures管理投資及發展合作夥伴關係,以支援Startup創辦人擴展亞洲及北美的業務。她憑藉與本地及海外初創的合作經驗,協助初創調整策略、建立橋樑和克服語言及文化障礙,以便打入當地市場。• ​李勁華 Keith (MSc(ECom&IComp) 2003)Keith是Innopage的行政總裁及共同創辦人,專注研發流動應用程式及使用者介面。成立於2010年的Innopage在Keith的帶領下,憑創新產品榮獲多個本地及國際獎項。Keith在本地大學兼任客席講師及導師,在多個主要網絡及實體媒體發表初創、創業及科技相關文章。他現時是香港無線科技商會的副主席。• ​​陳展程 Ray (LLB 2006)陳展程是9GAG的行政總裁及共同創辦人。9GAG是一個全球創意社交媒體平台,成立於2008年,以「使世界更快樂」為目標,讓用戶於網上輕易分享新穎和有趣的內容。9GAG的Instagram粉絲逾5,000萬、Facebook粉絲逾4,000萬、Twitter粉絲逾1,500萬,每月全球觀眾逾1.5億人。Ray畢業於香港大學法律系,利瑪竇人。#firesidechat#firesidewed#星期三開爐Presented by Development & Alumni Affairs Office, HKUWeb: us: alumni@hku.hkLinkedIn: HKU Alumni-----HKU iDendron1/F, Knowles Building, HKU Main CampusWeb: idendron.hku.hkFB & Youtube: HKU iDendronEmail:

HKU 100 发布于 2020年6月2日周二

Fireside Wednesday: Episode 10 – What is Work?

June 3 (Wed), 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Watch live on Website: HKU Fight COVID-19 Facebook: HKU100

(live chat in Cantonese, English synopsis for revisit) 

CoVid-19 has set a new reality of Work: the WFH arrangement. What is the best mode of work to raise the efficiency while keeping up the motivation of staff and teamwork? Start-up entrepreneurs Ray of 9Gag and Keith of Innopage have chosen different modes to benefit their businesses and staff. What are the implications for the future definition of Work?

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  • Yina Chan 陳伊娜 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2015; LLM(IT&IPL) student)
    Associate Director, Saltagen Ventures
    Yina manages investment projects and partnership development at Saltagen Ventures. She works closely with founders to support their global expansion in Asia and North America. Building from her experience working with local corporates and overseas startups, she builds bridges that help startups’ overseas expansion and advises them on how to overcome language and cultural barriers.


  • Keith Li 李勁華 (MSc(ECom&IComp) 2003)
    CEO & Co-founder of Innopage
    Keith is the co-founder and CEO of Innopage Limited, which specializes in mobile apps development and UX Design. Founded in 2010, Innopage has received numerous local and international awards for its innovative products under Keith’s leadership. Keith is also a part-time lecturer and instructor for local universities, a contributor of various printed and online media, and currently also serves as vice-chairman of Hong Kong Wireless Technology Association.
  • Ray Chan 陳展程 (LLB 2006)
    CEO & Co-founder of 9GAG
    Ray Chan is the CEO and co-founder of 9GAG, the global multi-platform entertainment company for viral content. Founded in 2008, 9GAG’s mission is to make the world happier. 9GAG has a global audience of 150 million, including 50 million followers on Instagram, 40 million followers on Facebook, and 15 million followers on Twitter.

Fireside Wednesday 星期三開爐  new online series for the HKU Family – alumni, students, staff and friends – for partnership, passion and paths. The 10 episodes cover tourism, retail, culture, social, freelancing (slash), marketing, banking, technology… Resources and support available to students and fresh graduates at HKU iDendron. Share and stay tuned!

Revisit –

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