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Fireside Wednesday EP7: Idea to Impact

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[LIVE NOW – Fireside Wednesday]今天是創業好時機?真的?年輕同學及校友,怎樣開始初創項目?初創企業家 Kyle,Harris 和 Jasmine,深入 Knowles 一樓 iDendron,窺探港大資源和網絡。#新拍檔 #新資源 #新機會第七集 – 意念變新Teams日期:5月6日 (星期三)時間:1:00pm Live @ HKU 100語言:廣東話 (Live in Cantonese, English synopsis for revisit)如想向嘉賓提問,歡迎透過Google Form提出:主持:鄧日朗 Tang Laurence Yat Long (BSocSc; MPH) – 港大 iDendron 高級經理嘉賓•梁東瑜 Kyle Leung (BBA) – Gööp 共同創辦人•鄭康桁 Harris Cheng (BEcon&Fin) – Freehunter 共同創辦人、CEO•潘姿文 Jasmine Poon (BA Final Year) – LiteX LegalTech and UVify MedTech 共同創辦人-----• 梁東瑜 Kyle (BBA) 社交手機應用Gööp聯合創辦人,主要負責產品設計及產品營銷。Kyle曾涉獵多個行業,包括私人銀行分析、人力咨詢及數碼媒體和公關,機緣巧合下開始其創業之旅。Gööp是一個為社群而生的社交媒體,致力連結「半熟人」及為每個人找到其圈子,推出兩年多獲取7萬大學生用戶。現時,Gööp正拓闊用戶群至中學生及開拓印尼大學市場。• 鄭康桁 Harris (BEcon&Fin)Harris是初創企業Freehunter的創辦人,並為Hong Kong 30 Under 30 2019 得獎者之一。Freehunter是個現有2萬位Freelancers的工作社交平台,現於香港、台灣及新加坡3個市場發展業務。Freehunter同時為港大iDendron Incubation Programme、亞洲初創加速器Appworks及數碼港之培育公司。Harris是港大2017年的畢業生,畢業後與同為港大的Jerome一起創立Freehunter。他們希望幫助市場上有才能而未被發掘的人才,並為他們帶來一個更方便、更有效發展事業的門路。• 潘姿文 Jasmine (BA Final Year) 現時主修Business Design & Innovation及Global Creative Industries。在史丹福大學交流期間,曾修讀 Design Thinking,鍛鍊尋求創新解決方案的能力。去年曾組隊出戰三個Hackathons,並在港大舉辦的醫療黑客松以UVify取得冠軍。現時在兩間初創UVify MedTech及LiteX LegalTech負責商業策略。#firesidechat#firesidewed#星期三開爐Presented by Development & Alumni Affairs Office, HKUWeb: us: alumni@hku.hkLinkedIn: HKU Alumni-----HKU iDendron1/F, Knowles Building, HKU Main CampusWeb: idendron.hku.hkFB & Youtube: HKU iDendronEmail:

HKU 100 發佈於 2020年5月5日星期二

Partners | Resources | Opportunities

Fireside Wednesday: 第七集 意念變新Teams

Episode 7 – Idea to Impact

(live chat in Cantonese, English synopsis for revisit) 

May 6 (Wed), 1:00pm – 1:30pm
Watch live on Website: HKU Fight COVID-19 Facebook: HKU100

Is now a good time to launch your startup? How do students and young alums start their entrepreneurship journey, from idea to impact? What kind of help and resources can HKU offer?

HKU iDendron started in October 2017, has nurtured 60 startup teams and 20 high potential HKU early stage starups incubatees, organised over 250 events, pitching and workshops including the first MedTech Hackathon in Hong Kong. 

今天是創業好時機? 真的? 年輕同學及校友,怎樣開始初創項目?  初創企業家Kyle, Harris 和Jasmine ,深入Knowles 一樓 iDendron,窺探港大資源和網絡。

#新拍檔 #新資源 #新機會

Submit your questions to:


Laurence Tang鄧日朗 (BSocSc 2014; MPH 2019), Senior Manager of HKU iDendron


  • Kyle Leung梁東瑜 (BBA 2019), Co-founder of Gööp


  • Harris Cheng鄭康桁 (BEcon&Fin 2017), Co-founder and CEO of Freehunter

Freehunter有2萬位Freelancers的工作社交平台,現於香港、台灣及新加坡發展業務 。

  • Jasmine Poon潘姿文 (BA Final Year Student)

Co-founder of LiteX LegalTech and UVify MedTech

Fireside Wednesday 星期三開爐  new online series for the HKU Family – alumni, students, staff and friends – for partnership, passion and paths. The 10 episodes will cover tourism, retail, culture, social, NGOs, freelancing (slash), education, technology… Resources and support available to students and fresh graduates at HKU iDendron. Tell us if you want to suggest themes and speakers for future episodes. Share and stay tuned!

Revisit –

Episode Six: A Brand New Me
第六集 – 無限變身
[ 麥嘉緯 • Emi Wong •易宇航• Husnain ]

Episode Five: Art & Innovation
第五集 – 色空變焦
[ 蘇敬恆 • 鄭振揚 • 方圓明 • Stephanie Ho ]

Episode Four: Sports & Innovation
第四集 – 運動急變速
[ 譚志源 • 方力申 • 江嘉惠 • 楊文蔚 ]

Episode Three: COVID Cadenza
[ Prof Daniel Chua • Cy Leo • Serrini • Daniel Lei ]

Episode Two: Retail – Partners & Opportunities
第二集 – Shopping 變陣
[ 羅永聰 • 陳子堅 • Terence Hon ]

Episode One: Culture, Tourism & Innovation
第一集 – 旅遊變法
[ 陳志雲 • 陳智遠 • Rubio Chan • Jamie Cheung • Gurpreet Singh ]

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