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Live from HK with Prof Tatia Lee: Coping with isolation and loneliness

#HKUCovid19 – Prof. Tatia Lee

Live from HKU with Prof Tatia Lee, psychologist and chair professor on isolation and loneliness in times of COVID19. Ask your questions with #HKUCovid19.

HKU 100 發佈於 2020年4月29日星期三

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Live with Professor Tatia Lee, Chair Professor of Psychology and May Professor in Neuropsychology at The University of Hong Kong. She will share her insights on “Coping with isolation and loneliness” in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and take your questions from around the world.

The live online event will be held 9:00am HKT April 30, Thursday.

Have we paid enough attention to the psychological fallout of COVID-19?  What are the impacts on the elderly and children during the outbreak? How do we cope with loneliness and distress during the city’s lock-down?  These are some of the questions we wish to explore.

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Date: April 30,Thursday

  • 09:00 HKT
  • 10:00 TYO
  • 02:00 LDN
  • 11:00 SYN
  • 06:30 DEL

 April 29, Wednesday

  • 18:00 LA/SF
  • 21:00 NYC

Moderator: NYC-based Sree Sreenivasan, a social and digital media expert and Marshall Loeb Visiting Professor of Digital Innovation at Stony Brook University, New York

Speaker: Professor Tatia Lee, a registered clinical psychologist and a board certified clinical neuropsychologist, is the Director of the State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences,  Chair Professor of Psychology and May Professor in Neuropsychology at HKU. Tatia Lee’s research is at the frontier of neuropsychology and social cognitive affective neuroscience. Marrying the strength of neuroimaging and behavioral methodologies, her research team has been conducting research on understanding the neural underpinnings of higher cognition in prefrontal regions, the very function that defines the human nature of an individual. Her research interests extend to cover normal and abnormal cognition and emotion across the lifespan. With recent advances in understanding neuroplasticity, Tatia Lee and her team have devoted much effort on devising evidence-based interventions for promoting brain health.

This is the fifth episode of the #HKUCovid19 series, a global dialogue with HKU experts online.

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