Podcast COVID19 with HKU | EP7: Luxury Seafood Trade during Coronavirus

COVID19 with HKU: Ten episodes walk you through the leading research coming out of HKU to fight COVID19.

A story about how our human behaviour during COVID19 …is affecting ocean wildlife. Luxury seafood tourism in Hong Kong and China has halted under lockdown.  While good for endangered reef fish in Indonesia in the short-term, we may be losing a leading sustainable fishing company for the long-term. Dr. Yvonne Sadovy of HKU tells the story.


Dr. Yvonne Sadovy, honorary professor of Biology, The University of Hong Kong

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Production credits:

    • Producer and Host: Marcy Trent Long
    • Associate producer:  Yufei Wu
    • Contributing Editor: Bonnie Au
    • Intro/outro music: Alex Mauboussin
    • Music from free music archive Chad Crouch
    • RTHK audio from Fishy Business tv series directed by Jerry Tai.
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