[Journal of Medical Internet Research] Impact of National Containment Measures on Decelerating the Increase in Daily New Cases of COVID-19 in 54 Countries and 4 Epicenters of the Pandemic: Comparative Observational Study

Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22 July 2020

Carlos K H Wong, Janet Y H Wong, Eric H M Tang, Chi Ho Au, Kristy T K Lau, Abraham K C Wai


  • Describe and evaluate the impact of national containment measures and policies (stay-at-home orders, curfews, and lockdowns) on decelerating the increase in daily new cases of COVID-19 in 54 countries and 4 epicenters of the pandemic in different jurisdictions worldwide
  • Stay-at-home, curfew, and lockdown measures commonly commenced in countries with approximately 30%, 20%, or 10% increases in daily new cases.
  • All three measures were found to lower the percent increase in daily new cases to <5 within one month.

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